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云云的 Android MSN Client 当中,你比较喜欢那一个呢?小编认为,作为一个 MSN Messenger 的 Client,稳定方便就已经相当不错了。这次为大家介绍的是刚升级到 1.2 版本的 《MSN Messenger: Mercury Free》。

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以下是 Mercury Free 的功能:

File transferVoice clipsGroup chatInvisible signinMultiple MSN accountsLogging to sdcardOffline messagingShow current song (MSN Now playing)Improved Launcher (Widget)Fling (or swipe) between contact lists and conversationsEvents notification (message received, contact signed in)Notifications: status bar, vibrate, audio, ledChat with your MSN and Yahoo contacts

《MSN Messenger: Mercury Free》 1.2 版本的新功能:

    Added Serbian and Portuguese (Portugal) languagesAdded a search menuitem to the contact listFaster contact list screen and account list screenFixed groupless contacts being misplacedFixed some friend requests not showing cause of misformatted messageGreatly improved memory usage for accounts with many contactsAllowing offline IM’s while on MSNP11Improved reconnecting, added a max reconnect count preference

《MSN Messenger: Mercury Free》



Android 最低版本需求:1.5以上


已更新:四月 13, 2011

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